Paramahamsa Hariharanandaji Maharaj

Posted On : October 14th, 2020   To :

An ounce of practice is far better than tons of theories. You must meditate daily. You should also watch the changes in your habits, in your behavior and your character at every moment on a daily basis. If there is no change, then surely there is some flaw in your practice of meditation. Everyday you are growing and getting older. So every day you are to watch and ask, “How has my life changed ?” Change is life. If you sit for 5 minutes in meditation, you will get five minutes of the taste of liberation which is a superhuman stage. Kriya yoga is a true form of transcendental meditation. Transcendental means you will get super sensation in your body. This divine sensation is within you, so you are not this body. To go beyond the play of body, mind, intellect and ego is the transcendental state.